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For Clients

Positions which we recruit for:

Engineering & Power

Mid – Senior Management
Lean Continuous Improvement
Project/Programme Management
Planning (Primavera)
Supply Chain & Logistics
Design Mechanical & Electrical Design


Senior Management
Infrastructure & support
QA & Testing
Technology, Digital & Business Transformation

Sales, Technical, Medical & Pharmaceutical

Head of sales, VP of Sales, Chief Sales Officer
Territory manager, territory account manager, Account Director
New business development manager, business development manager
Technical/medical/scientific sales representative
Sales engineer, technical manager
Relationship manager, consultant, client relationship manager
Account manager, key account manager, strategic account manager, major account manager


We really appreciate you taking the time to visit our website. We know that your time is precious so we don’t take it lightly that you are spending some of it here. Because we value your time, can we get straight to the point?

Our Clients across the UK, Europe, USA, Middle East and Singapore regularly engage us when they are tired of trying to recruit for a specialised role for months on end. The fact is that every day that a vacancy remains unfilled, it costs your business money. Often thousands or tens of thousands.

Time and time again, we are able to source a shortlist of candidates within days for those same clients and fill those positions within weeks; if not days.

How much time have you wasted trying to fill your specialist roles recently? Have you worked out how much that is costing your company? Unsurprisingly those same clients come to us first when they next need support to recruit, as they are confident in our ability to deliver an exceptional shortlist of candidates quickly.

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If you are like the other clients that we work with, then we know that… You want to fill your vacancies with the BEST people; with the LEAST hassle possible. Not only that, but you want to get the right people FIRST time round and get VALUE for your money. We also know that there is a strong possibility that you have been disappointed by the service that you have received from another recruitment company historically; maybe more than once.

It’s for that reason that you are reticent and possibly even resentful about having to use a recruitment company. It also makes it difficult for you to trust Recruitment Consultants.

How do we know this?

Most of the clients that we work with felt exactly the same before they started to work with us.

They’ve been trying to fill their permanent and contract vacancies for months; sometimes years! They have had to endure interviews with candidates who were nowhere near the right fit. They have spent hours of their time interviewing only to lose their preferred candidate at the last hurdle to a competitor. They have hired someone, paid a fee and then they resigned after a month! We could go on but you get the picture – we’ve heard it all before.

That’s why we place so much importance on the intricate details of the recruitment process and maintain a high degree of urgency from start to finish, so that we do not lose momentum and we get you the best possible outcome as the client.

If you are considering partnering with Clements Grey for your permanent or contract requirements internationally, then here is a snapshot of what you can expect from us:

  • Provision of a single point of contact who specialises in your industry

  • Consultancy throughout the entire process from initial brief to negotiating an offer of employment and supporting your preferred candidate during the resignation process

  • A detailed initial meeting to take the brief in person or via Skype

  • Thorough interview of each candidate in person or via Skype

  • Reference checks pre and post placement

  • Initial CV shortlist within 24 hours of agreeing your brief

  • Provision of office space to carry out interviews

  • Detailed reports weekly which include information like screening activity and any observations which we feel you need to know about

  • Industry specific salary surveys

  • Signed Non Disclosure Agreements with all candidates to ensure confidentiality

  • Access to an extensive pool of exclusive and passive candidates (typically 80% of those presented at shortlist)

  • Legal guidance related to recruitment

  • Flexible terms of contract

To talk to us confidentially about recruiting for a permanent or contract vacancy or number of vacancies in either Engineering, IT and Sales, then call us now on 0121 296 1825 or send us an email to [email protected]

Lets Chat!

We’d love to talk to you! If you have any questions or enquiries, don’t hesitate to send us a message using our contact form, or pick up the phone and give us a call. We’d love to discuss how we may be able to work together.

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